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School Address 

139 King Street East

Bowmanville ON

Ummati School is a Registered Private School with the Ministry of Education 
Ummati School Only offers In-Person learning.
Ummati School does NOT offer on-line learning.

Grades JK - 8

Ummati School Is Not taking New Registrations For Highschool this school year

School Hours:
Monday - Thursday

8:30am - 3:00pm

**Friday is Remote Learning


The Next School Year Starts - Tuesday, September 5th 2023
Registration begins on Tuesday, August 8th 2023

Call or Visit the School Office in August

139 King Street East, Bowmanville
Monday - Thursday
11:00am - 2:00pm

(289) 600-0914 



$150 per child (for 12 Months)

There is NO bus service this year.

Sponsorship / Education Fund:
Help propogate Islamic Education by supporting our organization or student(s):  Donate Now 


2022/2023 School Year Calendar

2022/2023 Admission Form

2022/2023 School Supplies List


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