School Bus Service



Transportation is the responsibility of parents. Ummati School encourages parents to car pool to help meet transportation needs.


School Bus

Ummati has school bus service available for students in the Whitby/Oshawa Area. The female students are seated in the front of the bus, while the male students are seated at the rear of the bus. Currently this is the most we can do to maintain separation between the boys and girls. We encourage you as parents to guide your own child to what is the preferred Islamic Etiquette in regards to the opposite gender.


The cost per student is $125/month. Parents interested in using the school bus service should contact the school office and complete the bus registration form. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The use of the school bus is a privilege and can be lost if the students do not follow the following simple rules of riding the bus:


Ummati Bus Rules

1. OBEY the bus driver's instructions.
2. Be prepared at your stop 5 MINUTES EARLY.
3. Remain seated in YOUR seat.
4. Fighting-Swearing-Loud or Abusive language will not be tolerated at all.

5. Students will be held responsible financially for any damage.


Once the bus route is determined, parents and students will be informed where the designated pick up and drop off location will be, and also what is the daily expected pick up and drop off time at their designated stops.


Late Pick-Up
It is the responsibility of parents to pick up their children on time. Parents are responsible for their children after school finishes. If you know that you will be late Ummati School requests that you make alternative arrangements for your child or at least inform the office prior to the end of the school day.